Our projects

We have developed two spearate but interwoven Eurorack devices:

oXYgen~, a Dual-Delay module with independent controls
oXYchrome, a standalone performance controller 

If you want to see these projects being sold, we need your help!
More info about the oXY-series can be found below.

Please let us know if you're interested in our devices!


versatile Dual-Delay Eurorack module


Multidimensional Eurorack Performance Controller 


We are trying to see whether the Eurorack community shows interest in our devices and if it's viable for us to produce and sell them to the public.
At the current point in time both devices are still in a protoyping stage, but come this summer we will have working demo models
which you'll be able check out at Superbooth 2021

If you feel like we've got some interesting concepts here, we encourage you to let us know and maybe you will be the first customer to call an oXYgen~ or oXYchrome your own!

About Us

eleMENTAL devices is a small company for music-technology founded by Andreas Dorner and Jonathan Wimer - both currently students at FH St. Pölten in Austria. As part of their master's programm 'digital media production' they are developing two interwoven Eurorack-compatible devices that will hopefully make production by 2022.

Andreas Dorner is a software and hardware engineer from the outskirts of Vienna. 
He also produces Psytrance under the alias 'Logic Psycho'

Jonathan Wimer is an audiovisual artist and audio engineer from Germany. His work includes music production, film scoring, live sound as well as photography and much more.
His personal music is released under the alias 'Pulsure'

Contact Us

If you are interested in our devices and have anything to tell us, please go ahead!
Whether it be questions, feature requests or even just to have a chat - here is your chance to contact our team:


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