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Multidimensional Performance Controller
for Eurorack modular systems

Other Info

The price will be around 200-250€.

oXYchrome is made to work especially well in conjunction with oXYgen~, our own Dual-Delay Eurorack module

You can also connect oXYchrome to your computer via a USB Type-B cable and write your own code in Arduino.

Product Info

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oXYchrome is a multidimensional standalone touch surface made to work with Eurorack modular synthesizers. Eight CV-Outputs let you patch various sensor-outputs and use them freely in your system, all while visualising them on the central LED ring.

The focus of oXYchrome lies on an intuitive design that's ready for you to take on stage and perform with. It will give you a completely new yet simple way to interact with your (semi)modular. 

Size & Dimensions

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Standalone Desktop-Control Interface
L/W/H: 26x12x5 cm

Touch Surfaces:
Two 69x69mm XY-Pads
One 52mm Ring-Sensor

Power & Data Connection:
USB Type-B Port on back of the device

Tech Specs

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Arduino UNO based
Trill Touch Sensors
Neopixel Ring