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Dual-Delay Eurorack Module with independent control for both X and Y channels and a focus on versatility.
The different delay ranges and four separate routing options can achieve vastly different sounds, depending on their combination.

Other Info

The price will be around 400-450€

oXYgen~ is designed to work especially well with oXYchrome, our multidimensional performance controller.

There's a possibilty that we will release alternate firmware versions. In the meantime you have a go at writing your own firmware to run on the oXYgen~ Eurorack hardware.

Product Info

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oXYgen~ is a versatile digital delay unit with two channels called X and Y

Both of these channels have fully indepent control over every parameter. This allows a lot of hands on control over vastly different sounds depending on the setting of the 5 knobs and their respective CV input.


  • Delay Time
  • Feedback Amount
  • Tone (LP/HP Filter)
  • Diffusion
  • Dry/Wet Mix

Both channels are seperately clockable either via Trig In or Tap Tempo. If a tempo input is detected, the time control  behaves as a clock divider/multiplier. The amount of influence that the CV signal has over the time control is set by an attenuvertor. Of course oXYgen~will also feature unsynced operation. In fact there is gonna be a switch to select between different behaviours of the time control.


5 ms - 2 sec
x1 x1,3 x1,5 x2 x2,6 x3 x4 multiplication/division
5 ms - 20 ms
(Karplus Strong rang with V/Oct tracking)

Central to the module, below the encoder lies a series of LEDs that indicate the current selcted routing mode. Tapping the button gives you control over the routing of both channels.


X | Y           
Stereo/Dual Mono
X • Y           Ping-Pong
X ø Y         Mid/Side
X > Y         Chained

In Stereo/Dual Mono - mode both channels of oXYgen work independently


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Height: 3U (Eurorack)
Width: 32 HP 
Depth: ~55mm

Tech Specs

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 Electro-smith Daisy Seed based
128x64 OLED screen

~100mA (+/-12V)